Our Ethics

making an impact

Some things are
important for us

At Talk of Tea we believe enjoying a cup of good tea is a ritual, the last surviving barricade in a fast-paced, artificial food culture. In a world where we are constantly running around in a hurry, it’s essential to slow down and take a few minutes for ourselves. Why not doing it while tasting the intense vanilla flavor in a cup of Royal Breakfast tea, or by discovering the herbal notes of a good Japanese Sencha?

If you’re feeling a bit hungry, fear not! We offer a great choice of freshly made to order sandwiches and our yummy gluten-free and dairy-free handmade cakes, baked in the shop’s kitchen every couple of days. Our menu includes tasty vegan options as well, like our chocolate-coated brownies or our roasted veggies and hummus sandwich. Just ask our staff at the counter for any recommendation, as we strive to have delicious treats in different flavours out every week.

Low carbon footprint

Here at Talk of Tea we strive to leave the lightest carbon footprint on this planet, so we decided to use strictly renewable energy as our only source, provided by Bulb. Learn more about their energy resources here.

We use only recyclable paper tea bags that not only give you the possibility to fully enjoy your teapot of freshly brewed tea, but after they served their purpose, they get recycled as “tea compost” to feed our plants in our lovely garden.

We also try to buy the least new stuff, so we like to go charity hunting to find nice recycled crockery to add or substitute our mismatched chinas. Not only we avoid spending a fortune in newly produced products, but we also help someone who is in need. It’s a win-win situation 🙂

Gluten Free / Dairy Free

We believe that intollerances and diet choices shouldn’t be punished with bland tastes and high prices, so we decided to keep every sweet we prepare in our kitchen strictly gluten free and dairy free.

After a wide period of more misses than hits, we finally managed to balance out yummy recipes that taste amazing and almost everyone can enjoy.

Please be aware that our kitchen is not equipped to deal with severe allergies such as coeliac disease and nut allergies. As much as we try to keep everything clean and separated, we still handle products that contain gluten and nuts as well as other common allergens. Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff if you have any doubts, we’ll try to help at our best.